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Tower Blinds Ltd (the company)


Terms of Trade


1) The company retains title to all goods until payment is received in full.

Title may not be reassigned and the company reserves the right to remove goods from any installation where payment is outside the company’s agreed terms.

Further, the company will not be liable for damage to any structure occasioned by the removal of goods nor any other consequential liability.


2) Payment is due on delivery or completion of installation. Payment may be made by a telephone credit/debit card transaction in the presence of the fitter or by cash or guaranteed cheque paid to the fitter. Where a trade credit account is in operation payment is due 28 days following invoice date. Should it become necessary to employ the services of a third party to obtain the costs of such action will be added to the outstanding debt.


3) In the case of a frustrated delivery/ installation the company will hold goods on the customer’s behalf and tender an invoice for immediate payment.


4) The company will endeavour to meet or exceed delivery/installation commitments but will not guarantee specific delivery or installation times or dates. The company will not be liable for any consequential losses arising from late delivery nor will such circumstances provide a basis for order cancellation or a reduction in the amount due unless agreed by the company in writing and authorised by a director of the company.


5) The company will not be held liable for damage or loss of goods in transit. Claims against the carrier for damage must be made within 48 hours of receipt of goods.

Goods must be inspected before acceptance or signed for as ‘unchecked’. Failure to observe this may result in the carrier rejecting a claim. Claims against the carrier for loss in transit must be made in writing to the carrier no later than 5 days from the date of invoice.


6) The company will accept responsibility for faulty workmanship or defective materials for a period of twelve months from the date of invoice/installation however this responsibility will extend only to the repair or replacement of the goods supplied.

The company will not accept responsibility for any consequential losses whatsoever including third party fitting costs or making good structures where goods have been removed.

Goods must be returned to the company at the customer’s expense for evaluation and the company reserves the right to charge for repairs where in the company’s opinion the goods have been misused, abused or altered in any way. If a claim is upheld initial freight will be compensated and return freight will be paid by the company. In all cases any goods returned to the company must be by prior agreement and be accompanied by a goods return acceptance number issued by the company. In the absence of a goods return number the goods will be rejected and returned to sender freight unpaid.


7) Cancellation of goods must be made in writing and where a director of the company accepts cancellation it will be on the basis that where the goods have entered production or the company has received delivery of items specific to an order the customer will be liable for the cost of work in progress and materials on a pro rata basis.


8) Exact colour matches across fabric batches cannot be guaranteed and in certain fabrics weaving imperfections may occur however such variances will be within acceptable industry standards. Natural materials as used in wood Venetian and wood weave blinds may differ in shade on the same blind and this is the nature and individuality of the product.


9) Where the company undertakes to manufacture goods to customer’s own sizes the sizes must be given to the company in writing and the instruction must qualify whether the sizes are BLIND SIZE (the exact finished size required) or Recess (we will make a 10mm deduction on the width and drop). In the event of an over mismeasure the company will, on instruction, reduce measurements where possible and a charge will be made. In the event of an under measure the company will only remake on the understanding that it will be a new contract and both new and old contracts will be s
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